Alegria Montessori School of Saint Petersburg, FL offers your children the unique teaching and learning methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

All of our teachers are Montessori certified, and our teacher / student ratio is set so we can cater to each child’s needs.

We are dedicated to our students and their learning experiences.

Our School Admissions:

  • Contact Sara for a personalized tour of our school.
    Accepting children throughout the year – starting at ageĀ one.

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School Information:

Summer Camp

Alegria’s summer program is designed as a gentle introduction to the Montessori environment for new students. For returning students, we delve into topics that we might not have enough time to explore during the school year. We will have many opportunities for your child to explore our literature themes with all their senses while introducing them to the routine of the classroom.

Stories, songs, crafts, circle lessons, and activities on shelves will reflect the summer themes. In the older classrooms there will be lots of reading, writing, illustrating, and book making as this summer we focus on authors and illustrators. Spanish immersion camp is available to children who have completed VPK and older. We do remind all parents that this is a Montessori school/camp so the children will choose what activities they want to do. Some of you will see every take home activity that relates to the themes while others will not be able to tell what the theme is because your child will be interested in the other Montessori materials available in the room. All children will have fun and learn – just not at the same thing at the same time!


Contact Alegria Montessori School today at 727-866-1901 to learn more about enrolling your child, or browse our website for more information about our curriculum and to learn more about Dr. Maria Montessori.