Lower Elementary
(Ages 6 – 9 years) (Grades 1 – 3)

The Montessori Lower Elementary program, for children between the ages of six and nine, is designed to meet the needs of your child in a new phase of development. This age is characterized by heightened social awareness, imagination, and a sense of morality.

The starting point for all courses of study is the “Great Lessons”; these impressionistic and scientific stories are presented every year and give the students the “big picture” of cosmology, astronomy, earth science, geography, chemistry, physics, biology, history, anthropology, cultural and social studies, language, math, music, and art.  Subsequent lessons offer the children keys for exploring these areas of human knowledge in more detail. As in the primary, the lessons are starting points for your child’s own activity. Meaningful learning happens when children are inspired by a lesson and begin to explore the subject and work on their own.

Based on the foundation built during the Primary years, students continue to use hands-on materials to understand new concepts. Through observation, the guide determines when the child has internalized a concept and is ready for a new concept. Guides keep meticulous notes of which lessons the child has received and which he or she still needs. For example, the child who has used the pegs to find common factors may be ready to find common denominators with the fraction pieces. Montessori students are empowered to ask for new lessons because they enjoy fresh challenges.

Lower Elementary Faculty:

Carolina Davila

Carolina Davila

Lead Spanish Immersion Lower Elementary Teacher

Carolina was born in Ecuador. She has a BS in Education and Languages(English -French) from the Catholic University of Ecuador. She has over 15 years of experience teaching children grades 2nd to 4th. In addition, she worked at Catholic University teaching Intermediate and Advanced English Levels.

Carolina started working at Alegria Montessori in 2011. Her elementary Montessori training is from the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York. Alegria is thrilled to have Carolina for our elementary class and supporting our goal of having a bilingual, Spanish/English program.


Caitlin Ellis

Lower Elementary Teacher

Caitlin has been teaching ages PK3-12th grade in several different settings since 2007, including indoor classrooms, outdoor classrooms, and on a boat. She earned her BS in Environmental Studies with a focus in Marine Biology from Florida State University. She received her Lower Elementary Montessori credential from Houston Montessori Center in 2009. Caitlin joined us in 2016 from Tallahassee, FL where she was teaching high school Biology, Marine Biology, and Florida Ecology at a college prep school.